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Welcome to Fondoo.net

FON logo FONDOO.net is the UK's first FON Friendly ISP. If you have not come across FON before then you had better go to their website and read the What's FON page. Go on, do it now, we will wait for you.

OK, so now you know a bit about FON, and all about Bills, Linuses and Aliens (if that sounded a bit weird then you didn't read the What's FON page, go back and read it now!). Now most ISPs don't want you sharing your broadband connection with anyone else, some are even a bit funny about people with more than one computer. We are different. Our terms and conditions allow you to do FON, in fact we encourage it. Our broadband packages all include unlimited monthly downloads because nobody wants the possibility of a hungry Alien eating all their monthly bandwidth quota!

You can share your broadband and be a Linus, you can milk your WiFi and be a Bill, or you can simply enjoy your broadband with unlimited downloads, it isn't compulsory to do FON with Fondoo.net.

Fondoo.net offers an easy to understand,  non-restrictive service to all our customers. If you are a residential customer  you can buy 1Mbps ADSL with no download limits for just 19.99 a month. If you take a 12month contract, there is no connection fee to pay either! 

Our full price list is available here

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