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Technical Support

There are several things you might need some help with, and several places to get that help. This table should help you contact the right people for the right problems.

ADSL setup issues

Loss of connection (dial tone OK on a normal phone)

Issues migrating from other ISPs 

Call the connectivity support UK call center 0906 788 0808 (£1 per minute call charges) This is a shared service for several ISPs.

Wondering when your social router will arrive (please be patient - they are a bit swamped right now!) 

Problems setting up and using your FON social router

If your social router arrives with a European power supply then  please don't complain to FON about it. Yes, it sucks, but the router is still heavily subsidised and you can get a replacement UK 12 volt 1000ma power supply for about  a fiver.

First read the FON FAQ page and see if your query is answered there. Then search in the FON forums , our forum and on Google . If all this fails then go to the FON help request  system to submit a summary of your issue and await a reply.

Loss of ADSL connection and no dial tone on a normal phone
BT faults (or whatever the equivalent is if you don't have a BT line)

 If you are getting no joy from any of the support avenues you have tried then post in the forum and we will escalate things for you.

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