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Please fill in the form below, we don't ask for payment details right now, a real live human will contact you and sort out how you want to pay.
Please put your full name here.
First line of your address, probably house number and road.
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This has to be the place where you want the ADSL line connected.
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Depending on the answer to the last question please let us know your contact phone number (mobile is fine), Skype name, email address or just send us some pigeons.
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All prices include VAT, your line might not support some of the faster speeds, if it doesn't you might be bounced down to the fastest tariff your line can handle.

You will need a static IP if you want to host your own website at home. You don't need one for pretty much anything else. The IP address will be identified as on the end of an ADSL line by various spam RBL services, we can relay mail for you.
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We will take more details later, this just helps us to have the right stuff on the desk when we contact you.
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