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Fondoo Internet Pricing

Fondoo Internet Price List

Here at Fondoo Internet we believe in keeping things simple. All the services we offer feature no restrictions on  your download capacity (especially useful if you are a Fonero!) and easy-to-understand connection and subscription charges.

Here is the basic table of our services and pricing. 

Service Type1Set-up Cost2Monthly Fee
512k£0.00£17.99 (inc VAT)
1Mb£0.00£19.99 (inc VAT)
2Mb£0.00£24.99 (inc VAT)
8Mb £0.00£32.99 (inc VAT)

1 All our services offer unlimited download capacity. Many other suppliers restrict you to 1 or 2Gb per month with their "headline" rates!

2 The set-up costs (connection charge) displayed assume a 12 month contract. For short term contracts (3 months minimum) the set-up fee is £47.00 (inc VAT). 

We also offer some other optional items such as:

  • Fixed (or static) IP address for an addtional £1.50 per month (ex. VAT) on any of the above services,
  • Various hardware options for ADSL routers

Migration from another ISP to Fondoo Internet is completely free of charge at our end. We do not expect you pay another connection or set-up fee. If at some point in the future you wish to move to a different ISP we can provide a 'MAC code' which will allow you to move to any other ISP based on BT Wholesale hardware for free. If you want to stop broadband altogether or move to one of the LLU ISPs who have their own hardware in the exchanges then there is a £5 plus VAT cessation charge.

If you are already a Fonero in the UK, chances are you are breaking the terms and conditions of your contract. Switch to Fondoo Internet for peace of mind and complete freedom to share your bandwith and Milk your WiFi!

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